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Anomalous Entertainment Co.
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Olivet Blue Mountain Camp
115 Mountain Ave, Hamburg, PA 19526



October 4, Friday:
9:00pm Meet & Greet Games
9:30pm Game Basics, Setting & Rules overview
10:00pm Mixer

October 5, Saturday:
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Rules & Gameplay Tutorials
10:30am Game Start
6:30pm Dinner
8:00pm Resume Game
Midnight: Game Off

October 6, Sunday:
9:00am Resume Game
1:00pm Cleanup
2:00pm Players Leave Site

Packing List

Combat Safe Weapons & Props
Comfortable all black outfit for NPCing
Bedding (Sheets, Blanket, Pillow, etc)
Toiletries, Towels, & Shower Shoes
Personal Snacks & Food (event menu available soon)
Extra Undergarments

& anything else to make yourself comfortable!


Event Description & Basics


Tempus Omni: Year Zero will be a Live Action Roleplay experience taking place at Olivet Blue Mountain Camp on October 4th-6th, 2019. It is a collaborative project between Anomalous Entertainment Co, Edge of Forever, and several other independents coming together for a quick turnaround but full-service LARP! We know time is short, but we have a truly amazing team of people working on the project, and we know that you’ll have an excellent time if you can join us.

Below you’ll find the basic information about the event, such as food, lodging, event structure and the general information you’ll need to know before showing up.

Site: Olivet Blue Mountain Camp is a rather large camp site near Hamburg, PA with several large outdoor structures for play, several outdoor cabins, and well maintained outdoor gravel paths. The main structure where you’ll be sleeping is fully heated, has accommodating bunk rooms, a full bathroom with showering facilities, a commercial kitchen, and spacious indoor play areas, including two porches. It can can house up to 60 people. On-site parking is available.

Meals: Saturday’s breakfast and dinner will be provided, with snacks available for the taking for the rest of the event. A full menu will be available soon, and we will do our best to accommodate most diets.

Accessibility: The site’s wheelchair accessibility is unfortunately limited. Almost all of the outdoor play areas are unpaved, there are no ground-floor bunks (but we are happy to provide cots), there are door jams on most doorways, and while there are ramps that lead into the main structure that are made of wooden planks with tall lips that make getting up them difficult. A full accessibility document should be available before ticket sales close, and is currently being written.

Age: This will be an 18+ game, and no alcohol or drugs will be allowed on site. Smoking will be contained to designated smoking areas.

Animals: The camp does not permit pets or animals – however we do allow for trained service animals. Any attending service animal must be trained to handle a LARP environment. A distressed or disruptive service animal creates a safety liability for other players and may interrupt play. For safety reasons, we may not be able to allow your service animal in areas with active combat, and they are not permitted in dangerous areas such as the kitchen. If you and your service animal will be staying overnight, please let us know in advance.

Conservation: We are responsible for the care and conservation of this beautiful site for the time we are there, and we ask that all players respect the buildings and wilderness that surround them. Do not leave trash outside, dispose of cigarette butts appropriately, and police your darts after use. If any damage is done to the buildings, please report it so that we can take care of it!


New to LARP?


Never been to a LARP? That’s fine! this is an excellent event to get started, and we are more than happy to give you the tools you’ll need to have a great time. Don’t worry, everyone started somewhere and we’d be so happy to have you start with us!

You probably have a basic idea of what a LARP is if you’ve made it this far, but with the massive range of experiences you can have within the Live Action Roleplay community it’s pretty important to pin down exactly what this experience will be like.

This game will have elements of improvised character roleplay, outdoor action, simulated fighting using combat-safe foam weapons, armor, shields and dart blasters (such as Nerf), creative problem solving, and free form storytelling.

That’s a lot to take in, but even if you don’t have a great idea of what any of that means, we’ll be playing games and teaching you exactly what to do and how to play at the event, so don’t stress it. You’ll also be joining other seasoned LARPers who will help facilitate and join in your fun. In fact, it’s probably best to not come in to the experience with too many expectations because every single LARP is different.

The only thing that you really need to know before showing up is that you’ll be embodying a character for almost the entire weekend. You’ll need a costume, but this game is very forgiving in that you can create an outfit from your closet and you’re ready to go! You’ll be collaborating with your fellow players and trying to simultaneously create and experience an incredible story with your own body, and that the experience can be incredibly powerful.

Make sure you know where you’re going, have everything on the packing list, and get in contact on our Facebook community if you have any questions or need any guidance.

If you don’t end up liking our game, there’s a vast variety of other types of live action games that might be more to your liking, and we are more than happy to help you find one that suits your desires.


Non Player Characters & You


Tempus Omni: Year Zero will require that all players spend a single four hour period as the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) of the game. For those unfamiliar with the term, they’re basically everyone else in the world that isn’t a player! That means you’ll play denizens, enemies and allies of the far-flung timelines that the game will span across.

There will be 4 shifts:

  • Saturday, 10:30am-2:30pm

  • Saturday, 2:30pm-6:30pm

  • Saturday, 8:00pm-Midnight

  • Sunday, 9:00am-1:00pm

These shifts are mandatory, as they provide the manpower and content for the entire event, and are honestly many players’ favorite part of the game. You’ll be the citizens in distress, the roving marauder, and the dinosuar on the moon, all helping create stories and experiences for your friends. And also trying to kill them.




Tempus Omni is an IP created by Sean Jaffe of Eschaton Media, originally for a Tabletop Roleplaying Game (available for purchase here). If you’re already aware of the Tempus Omni setting, welcome! Due to the transition from a TTRPG in a LARP, a few small changes have been made to the way a few things will work, but most things will stay the same.

The most important thing about Tempus Omni is that it’s a setting created specifically to facilitate whatever story you want to tell. The details are left intentionally abstract and the lore is welcoming for interpretation. We’ll cover a few of the basics here, but we’ll talk about everything you need to know at the game.

The Migrators: Quite simply, the migrators are people who mysteriously seem to have the ability to travel instantly through time (and space) very much at random. They don’t know how, or why, this happens, although it seems to be “encouraged” by contact with water- drinking, swimming, even getting caught in the rain can cause a “Shift”- a random jump in time.

Migrators rarely remember much about their lives before they became Migrators. It’s very much like dreaming, and while some may pine for lost loves and homes, their memories are blurry and indistinct. The life of a Migrator is constantly changing, and they seem to be selected for those who can best accept this in stride. Migrators tend to be capable, adaptable, and intelligent.

Hyper-competence: Migrators have several powers and abilities that seem to aid them very much in their journey. Foremost is hyper-competence- there’s simply very little that the migrators are really bad at. They’re very much like movie heroes- capable of a wide, wide range of skills, but truly gifted in some areas.

The Babel Gene: Migrators seem to have a strange ability to speak and read the language of wherever they “land” fluently, even if they don’t know it. A french-speaking Migrator hailing from the Norman invasion era can speak perfectly conversationally to a wasteland Gas Scavenger from the Backslide-Era American Southwest and both parties will understand each other just fine. It is unknown how this “ universal translator” works. (During the LARP it seems to be ever so slightly on the fritz, so feel free to speak in other languages or with accents if you want to, or enjoy the perfect excuse to not bother!)

The Assimilation Array: One of the first minor changes from the original IP, shape changing clothes simply aren’t as possible in a physical setting. As much as I’d love to figure out a way to make it work, it’s much more fun to wear clothing appropriate for your character’s timeline rather than plain whites! Instead, people from all timelines will simply seem to not notice that what you’re wearing is absolutely ridiculous. Neat!

The Compensator: Perhaps the most important ability in the Migrator’s quiver is the Compensator. The compensator, from a Migrator’s point of view, is a confusing memory of an image (usually accompanied by a specific sound, smell or emotion) that appears right after the initial sensations of a Shift. It is usually accompanied by a sensation of pain or discomfort in the back of the neck. (This will be represented with symbols that indicate what kind of content is on the other side of the Shift, allowing you to opt-in or out of content based on your tastes.)

The Forsaking: The surest way to cease to be a Migrator is to cop to it. The instant a Migrator starts to flaunt knowledge of the future or strange abilities in such a way as to arouse suspicion in the Temporal Locals, the system shuts down. Within hours, the Migrator will simply forget ever having been a time traveler and will begin to assimilate into the local culture. Your character will feel this coming on (we’ll tell you). It’s just going to be more fun if you try to stay somewhat covert and play the role instead of kicking in the door to a 1400s French hovel with cell phone and an uzi. (That gag is only good once before it starts to get old.)

Mental Filter: This oddity automatically strips your mind of all the historically appropriate racism, sexism, ableism, queerphobia, religious intolerance, sexual assault, and other crappy stuff that we don’t want at our game. Your character just forgets they ever did it! If we could only use it on people in the real world. (The true scum of history would never get to be a Migrator anyways, so please don’t try to do any morality plays about Nazis or slaveowners having to grapple with this newfound wokeness.)





Q: You asked about pop guns. Will you have them for the game?
A: Nope! After some folks responded that they’d rather we not, we decided we wouldn’t!

Q: Why is game starting Saturday morning? What about Friday night content?
A: There is content on Friday night! Giving people an opportunity to get comfortable with each other is key to a great game. Giving our players time to know each other, learn the rules, and get used to the combat system BEFORE the game starts will create a much more enjoyable experience and help found a better feeling of community. We figure it’s better to fix problems before they happen rather than interrupt play!

Q: This is a boffer game. Will there be any non-combat content?
A: Absolutely tons. We’re doing our absolute best facilitate a wide range of fun, with independent systems to facilitate freeform storytelling, dramatic roleplay, and even “I just wanna chill” play styles. Our staff has A LOT of experience creating non-combat games and are more than ready to bring you all the laughter and tears you want.

Q: I heard this is one life to live. I don’t want to have to keep making characters/costumes/stop playing the game!
A: Each CHARACTER has one life to live, that’s right! If each person dies and goes away, it creates higher stakes and higher investment. However, you can immediately return to play as any other character from any alternate timeline. That includes the SAME character from an almost identical timeline if you so desire (to avoid having to have extra costumes or figure out a new backstory), or something completely different (if you feel like bringing 7 costumes and playing 7 different people, feel free!) Without Skill buying, you just have to decompress, change clothes, and get back in the game!



Frisco Cruise, Sean Jaffe, Megan Jaffe, Craig Page, James Hicks

Special thanks to:
Jenn Bechtel for logistical support and helping us with Edge of Forever’s props as costuming!
Tristan Stasiulus for setting up and providing out lighting and sound!