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Anomalous Entertainment Co.


Short games, workshops, and tools for tabletop and LARP released monthly.
Larger projects released as completed.

It Darkens The Threshold is a Live Action Roleplay game for 2 players. It is a game of temptation, tantalization, trust, and terror. 

One player will play a normal person in their home, and the other player will be the monster at their door. The monster’s may want to kill you, or it may want something else. The human has heard about how the monster acts and how they might protect themselves, but who knows how much truth is in the rumors?

June 2019
Tempus Omni is a rules-light boffer LARP experience where players take on the roles of Time Migrators.

Year Zero is set on The Hub, a universal constant where all timelines converge. Pulled from infinite eras and alternate dimensions, the Migrators are tasked with restoring timelines according to the design of The Great Central Truth.
Are you prepared for your timeline to be the one corrected?

May 2019
After 5 years in development, Harsh Generation: Delphia Campaign is finally up on Kickstarter, seeking funding. After one day it had already reached 70% funding, and was well past funded within the first five.

Limited donor rewards are already beginning to dwindle, so take your chance to leave a permanent impact on the game.

Support the Kickstarter here!

May 2019
The Elk Man Isn't Real is a pervasive psychological horror experience that attempts to drive you into the grips of a deep and terrible paranoia.

Read the stories of the primary author and several others as they try to provide evidence of the phenomenon's existence, and if you're still unconvinced, they have a dare for you and your friends.

And allow us to ask the only question that really matters:
Is the Elk Man Real?

March 2019
After several long years of war on the border, you have earned the right to buy your mech from the military. Use it to eke out a solitary life doing manual labor on your farm to pay back the loan before your machine is repossessed. All the while, the Enemy from across the border looms, threatening to strike at any moment.

Will the Enemy attack? Will you be able to defend yourself? How much safety are you willing to sacrifice to make it in your new life?

February 2019
Just in time for the local gaming con Dreamation, we present the Harsh Generation Quick Start Guide.

A prelude to the full release, this guide will give you the bare bones to get a quick taste test of the game.

February 2019
A short solo play TTRPG about paranoia, loss of identity, the crushing weight of debt and farming with a mecha, abbreviated for the Sad Mecha Game Jam.